The Radius of my Heart
Galleri Wuthering Heights, 24/2-5/3 200612345678910songs


A fresh pot of coffee was brewed. The bass guitar was placed in the corner with the acoustic guitar. The two electric guitars were placed by the bass amplifier. The laptop computer was placed on the bucket/drum-kit, the series of photographs of the fading coffee-painting on it's screen. The computer was also hooked up to the bass amplifier, and through it could be heard a different mix of the piece of music which had been recorded the previous day.
In the inner gallery space the yellow painting and the two pieces of wood which had been attached to the wall were taken down. A part of the sheet of paper which had been left over when the drawing of a figure playing guitar on a blanket had been cut out, was affixed to the intersection of the ceiling and the wall in the inner gallery space. Anarchy symbols were drawn all over the walls and ceilings. The drawings which had been on the walls were taken down. The drawing of the table with coffecups on it was folded in the middle and placed on the floor. The sheet of cardboard was placed on the floor, and the coffeebrewer and cut-out figure playing a guitar were in turn placed upon it. The gold-colored painting was placed in a corner. The cut-out drawing of a head was taped to the wall.
The drawing of a head, a chalice and a sea with a boat on it, as well as the yellow painting, were both taken into the outer gallery. Here they were attached to the wall with the drawing of a couple of swans.
The drawing of the skeletons playing instruments was attached to the sheet of wood (upon which the coffee-painting had been made) which was attached to the wall above the acoustic guitar.
The music being played through the bass amplifier was changed, to the song "When I Fall for You".
Two cut-out drawings on the wall facing the bass amplifier were moved to different spots on the same wall. Two new drawings were made, one with a sleeping figure, which was placed on the wall next to one of the cut-out drawings.
The other drawing, of a figure between two different landscapes, was taped to the wall in the inner gallery space.
Work was started on a new song. Drums, two rythm guitars and a solo guitar were recorded.