The Radius of my Heart
Galleri Wuthering Heights, 24/2-5/3 200612345678910songs



A fresh pot of coffee was brewed. The portable CD-player was hooked up to the bass amplifier and the three tracks which had been recorded in the gallery ("Wuthering Beat", plus the instrumental and vocal versions of "Radiating your Memory") were played through it.
The sheet of wood upon which a rehearsal space had been painted using coffee was taken into the outer gallery space and attached to the wall above the drawings of anarchy symbols and figures with instrument cases.
The laptop computer was placed on one of the buckets (with a flannel shirt draped over it) which served as part of the drum-kit. On the computers screen was again shown the sequence of photographs documenting the fading away of the coffee-painting of the rehearsal space.
In the inner gallery space the two remaining pieces of wood and the sheet of cardboard were attached to the wall underneath the yellow painting of a table with coffeecups and a coffeepot on it. The coffeebrewer was placed upon the part of the cardboard sheet which was on the floor. A sheet of paper (out of which the self-portrait of a figure on a leopardskin-patterned blanket playing guitar was cut out, and which had been used as a palette during the painting of the sheet of wood) was taped to the wall close to the floor, perpendicular to the yellow painting. The sheet of wood which had been painted with golden acrylic paint was placed at the end of the sheet of cardboard. Another drawing had some parts of it cut out. The sheet of paper was placed at the end of the gold-colored painting. On the walls and ceiling in the vicinity of the yellow painting small anarchy symbols were drawn with a pencil.
The parts of the drawing which had been cut out were taken to the outer gallery space and taped to the wall between a group of drawings and the painting of a tree with two cups of coffee, a thermos and two cinnamon rolls underneath it.
A new drawing was made, with two swans, a chalice and a figure on it. This drawing was attached to the wall above the painting of the pineforest.
Vocals, two guitar tracks, two bass tracks and a rythm track were added to the recording which had been created the previous day. The song was titled "When I Fall For You".